The Governing Body for
Otley and Witnesham Federation
Committee membership information and roles held are included in the details for each governor. A * before the name of the committee indicates that the governor is chair of that committee.

Mrs Margo Barker

Picture of Mrs Margo Barker
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Mr Paul Boswell

Picture of Mr Paul Boswell
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Mrs Helen Chambers

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Mr Tony Field

Picture of Mr Tony Field
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Mrs Michaela Harris

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Mrs Sue Leggett

Picture of Mrs Sue Leggett
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Mr Ian Liddell

Picture of Mr Ian Liddell
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Mrs Louise Nevill

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Mrs Charlotte Skeet

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Mrs Faye Smith

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Resigned Governors The following governors have resigned in the past year

Mrs Laura Baker-Daniels

Picture of Mrs Laura Baker-Daniels
Resigned 23/09/2019
Mr Richard Benstock

Resigned 31/08/2019
Ms Julie Catchpole

Picture of Ms Julie Catchpole
Resigned 13/09/2019
Mr John Denny

Picture of Mr John Denny
Resigned 01/01/2020
Mr Richard Gooderham

Picture of Mr Richard Gooderham
Resigned 23/09/2019
Mr Billy Hinshelwood

Picture of Mr Billy Hinshelwood
Resigned 09/12/2019
Mrs Emma Laflin

Resigned 31/12/2019
Mr Paul Laughlin

Picture of Mr Paul Laughlin
Resigned 11/12/2019